The Ultimate
Brewing Solution

Efficiency, taste, and cleanliness – these are the keywords regarding this ultimate brewing solution. ULTROM is revolutionising the brewing process. A horizontal mixing drum, in combination with Ultrasound, enables new possibilities. Homogeneous stirring, a faster hydrolysis and a better and unique taste of the beer are only a few of the benefits of this new technology.


Cavitation with ULTROM has proven positive effects in brewing. It enhances the hydrolysis, and due to degassing the medium, it also improves the flavour and yield. With homogeneous stirring and mixing the malt in the mash, cavitation is evenly distributed. Low resistance in the stirring process allows the process to be stopped and started at any time. This so called “rewash” becomes very useful when a vacuum or compact mash hinders the lauter process or any technical issue forces stirring to stop. This particular feature provides the possibility to rewash the malt at any time and thus gain higher yield out of the malt.


With even temperature, better grain eluviation, low oxygen, homogeneous stirring, and the ability to rewash during the lautering, Ultrom revolutionises brewing with over 95% brewhouse efficiency. This makes Ultrom a gamechanger in the brewing industry.


This ultrasound barrel requires no headspace and is thus 35% more compact than normal two or three vessel brewhouses. Furthermore, as the vessel is closed, no ventilation system is required. The ULTROM is closed, coated, and filled to the top, hence it is more economical than any other brewing system.


Due to lowering oxygen (degassing) in the brewing water resulting from the ultrasound, Ascorbic Acid Oxidase (AAO) and other antioxidants are preserved. AAOs are relevant for the taste and flavour of the beer. ULTROM gives a simple solution to get the oxygen out before AAOs and other antioxidants are permanently destroyed. Because of the covered round shape of the ULTROM and its comparatively small open valves at the top, if CO2 must be added it would not escape easily. ULTROM can be filled to the very top without leaving any space for oxygen, giving the beer its unique and favourable taste.


This Swiss patented brewhouse stands for quality and reliability. Ultrasound technology of its finest from KKS Switzerland, is known as state of the art and appreciated by customers all around the world. The device is built to last thanks to the specialized welding.


ULTROM combines mashing and lautering, reducing oxidation and hygiene risks by eliminating the need to transfer mash. Its audio cavitation also self-cleans when ultrasound is activated. No shoveling of mash compounds is needed as they slide out easily at the end of the barrel into a container.

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